Moon LED Lamp Air Humidifier & Essential Oil Diffuser

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Introducing a wonderful 2-in-1 product – a higher capacity 880 ml (29.8 oz) Air Humidifier & Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser in a 3D-printed Moon LED Lamp. This humidifier adds atomization technology to the Moon LED Lamp to support humidification function while serving as a night or mood lamp.

This humidifier can be used with a drop of aromatherapy essential oil, but this will require the replacement of sponge sticks in about a month and will also reduce the service life of the humidifier faster, because the residual oil will slowly clog the atomizer. Therefore, when using aromatherapy essential oil, do it carefully.


  • Beautiful and realistic 3D-printed moon design. Delicate and small, perfectly fits on any table or other surface. Can be used at home, in the office or even in the car.
  • Fine atomization. Deep moistening. Vapour molecules easily penetrate the skin surface and reach the basal layer to keep the cells fully moistened.
  • Yellow ambient light increases the feeling of humidification at night.
  • More detailed design. Anti-skid bottom. Easy to disassemble. USB universal interface.
  • Anti-dry burning protection: power automatically turns off after continuous spray for 10 hours or after intermittent spray for 20 hours. After that, function can be restarted.


Operation mode

  • Spray operation: connect the power supply and touch the spray switch metal head to activate the continuous spray mode (the blue indicator turns on). Touch again to activate the intermittent spray mode (sprays 3 seconds, then stops for 3 seconds). Touch again to turn off the spray function (spraying stops, the blue indicator turns off).
  • Night lamp operation: touch the metal head of the lamp control switch to control and adjust the light. Each time when touched, color of the light changes from white to yellow to warm white. At the same time, long-press on a metal head lets you adjust the brightness of the light. 



  • Material: PVC + PP and electric components
  • Product size: 130*130*130mm/5.12"
  • Product weight: 300g
  • Input voltage: 5V DC
  • Working current: 400mA
  • Usage power: 2W
  • Noise: <36dB
  • Water tank capacity: 880ml
  • Spray volume: 25-35ml/h
  • Duration of spray mode: about 10h
  • Duration of intermittent spray mode: about 20h
  • Connection type: USB Plug-in


Package includes

  • 1x 3D Moon LED Lamp Air Humidifier - Essential Oil Diffuser
  • 1x Bracket (Holder)
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Cotton Swab
  • 1x Product Description